Animal Control

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Animal Control | Property Protection | Department Staff

One of the municipal functions carried out through the Police Department is Animal Control. We employ a full-time Animal Control Officer whose duty is to work with citizens to educate them about the responsibilities of pet ownership.

When citizens do not exercise responsible pet ownership, the Animal Control Officer steps in and enforces the city ordinances that govern this aspect of community responsibility. We urge owners to keep their pets on a leash at all times when they are not on the owners' property and to make certain that animals are not allowed to stray from their property.

Finally, we urge pet owners to exercise responsible care and encourage them to have their pets spayed or neutered unless the pets are for breeding or showing competitively. As with all Police Department services, we encourage you to call us regarding problems with pets, either yours or your neighbor's. Remember, it is not the pets that violate the law, it is the owners.